Bean Sidhe, Goddess Elf

“Why cry, Pretty Lady?”

—Famous first words of King Cgarl to Bean Sidhe

Bean sidhe

It is a common misconception in the Legs campaign world that Bean Sidhe is sister to the evil deity, Lolth. This is, of course, utter untruth (perhaps spread by the Weaver of Beautiful Webs herself).

Bean Sidhe is the goddess of elves. She came into being at the same time as the race of elves, and has ruled them from her throne in the celestial realms ever since. The elves are an old race, certainly, but not ancient when compared to the age of certain of the gods of the Legs campaign world, and so neither is Bean Sidhe. Bean Sidhe takes the form of a beautiful human or elf maiden with platinum blond hair and nearly silver skin. Since the descent of the drow she has been known to be in a perpetual state of mourning, and so she is known to have reddened eyes which are always shedding tears.

Bean Sidhe is Chaotic Good. She favors the Rapier. Her symbol is a Cross and Circle.

Bean Sidhe’s portfolio includes Elves, Water, Happiness, Magic and Loss. Her domains are Water, Magic, and Pleasure.

Bean Sidhe, Goddess Elf

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