The Whispers Rock

“I spit on her scaly hide! There is nothing more natural than the whispers of the winds. There is nothing more of this world than the history of stone!”

—Anonymous druid when asked her opinion of The Maiden

The whispers rock

The Whispers Rock is a godling of nature. More specifically, it is the godling representative of nature as it is. What this means is that the godling represents all things in nature equally—the good and the bad, the crazy and the mundane—and does not favor any one aspect of the natural world over any other.

The Whispers Rock takes the form of a large, rough surfaced boulder. It does not speak. However, it does communicate, in a sense—the sound of the wind traveling through its craggy surface is often compared to the sound of hundreds of tiny voices all whispering at once. What is actually said by those voices always depends on the listener’s interpretation.

The Whispers Rock makes its home exclusively on the material plane. It never moves, per se, but it does travel—the Whispers Rock will appear in nearly any natural environment, for a variable length of time, before disappearing to a new destination. One can generally tell how long the Rock has spent in any one location by the number of adornments decorating its surface—it is a common practice throughout the Legs campaign world to leave a token such as a colorful scarf or a flag on a heavy hemp rope draped over the deity should one pass it in the wilderness. These adornments do not travel when the Whispers Rock does, so if the Whispers Rock is unadorned one knows they have had the incredible pleasure of being the first sentient mortal to come upon it in its present location.

The Whispers Rock is True Neutral. Its favored weapon is the Falchion. Its symbol is a Chip of Stone Taken From the Whispers Rock Itself.

The Whispers Rock’s portfolio includes Nature Undivided, Nature As It Is, The Mysteries of the Natural World, and The Limitations of Understanding. Its domains are Animal, Plant, Weather, and Knowledge.

The Whispers Rock opposes The Maiden, as much as a thing of its nature opposes anything.

The Whispers Rock

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