The Godlings of Legs

“There is a thing in this world, our Tettetett, that is known as a living god. Do not scoff, traveler. I have ventured far into the vagaries of existence and have seen the gods of other lands: half living things too weak, even, to walk the worlds that worship them. The gods of Tettetett are different. They walk the lands in their many bodies and shattered godling visages—and existence trembles in their wake.”

—Gim Il, Planar Sage

In the world of Legs there are three accepted gods: Eodum Sog-Eseo Geuneun Gajug, the Hider in the Dark; Nuguui Wang-Gug Taeyang Geuga, the Kingdom in the Sun; Sal-Aissneun Sindeul-Ui Gihon, the Mother Od.

Each god is not a single creature, for gods are creatures of such power that even to exist is to warp the nature of the reality that has birthed them. When each of the gods of Tettetett came into being in the universe, the universe was weakened—the things of reality were distorted, and the fabric of eternity began to tear. In order to survive their birthing, the universe shattered each god the moment it came in to being. For the sake of eternity, the gods were made into 5, 5, and 4: five godlings risen from the darkness: five godling rulers for the Kingdom in the Sun: four aspects, godlings, of the Mother Od.

Each godling is but an aspect of the creature whose shards the godling was born from. Just as a person may grow, change, lose aspects and gain aspects of themselves, so too does each great god change, over an enormous span of time.

Godlings are born, rise, and die to treachery or the urge to their own destruction. The bodies of dead gods litter the planes of existence. Each time a godling meets its end it is replaced by another—a newborn god. Just as personalities change, so too do the aspects of the great gods of Tettetett, through the death and birth of their aspects, expand and contract the domains and the characteristics of their being. Just as different urges within a man might clash, so too do the godlings of Darkness, Sun, and Od wage open and secret wars with their own kin.

Just as people might war, so too do the different great gods’ aspects come into conflict. Just as a person might feel conflicted about their actions, so too do each god’s different aspects sometimes disagree. The great gods of Tettetett are humans on a ridiculous scale, and the world they rule is the changing cloth of their shared consciousness.

The Godlings of the Hider in the Dark Tatterdemalion, Chaos The Mountain King The Maiden The Green Hood Bean Sidhe, Goddess Elf
The Rulers of the Kingdom in the Sun The Sun Man King Cgarl, the Peasant Lord The Gray Lich The Whispers Rock The Survivor
The Aspects of the Mother Od Lolth, the Weaver of Most Beautiful Webs Tache, Moon’s Love The Legs Man Xerexis, Tyrant’s God Alternate for Story, Dark Water’s Council

In addition to the aspects of the three great gods, there is one other. It is not certain if the whispers of a child that have haunted the dreams of Tettetett’s peoples for the last ten years are born from the decay of some great ancient godling’s corpse in the realm of sleep, as some priests have it, or from some distant other creation where new gods may be born beyond the fourteen gods of Tettetett, as is posited by the mad sages of The Great Salt Desert. No matter her origin, Umea, the Hidden Child, is the first creature outside the totalities of the Great Ones to be truly worshiped in the Legs campaign world as a god.

The Godlings of Legs

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