Tache, Moon's Love

“Can you feel her woe, Teobaldo? She is evil, certainly, totally and completely, but even evil can deserve sympathy, sometimes, when it is so forbidden from love.”

Frantsesa Abaroa, Gray Elf Necromancer, to her lover Teobaldo


Many generations ago, before the current rise of man, Tache was a neutral goddess. Known for her cruelty, she was still not considered evil. She was the lover of another god—a godling of the Kingdom of the Sun known only as “Moon.” Archivists are not certain what occurred, exactly, but it is known that he was a neutral god of undeath and darkness, and that he was killed through the underhanded actions of one of his own kin. Driven by sorrow, Tache turned to learning her lover’s skills in order to resurrect him before the birth of a new god left him dead forever. The things she learned were terrible indeed, and the acts she committed to learn them with enough speed to beat out the birth of a new god in the Great One known as the Kingdom of the Sun were so heinous that she has been tainted forever since, one of the most evil of all the gods.

She failed, however, and the goddess known as the the Gray Lich was born, killing Tache’s lover irrevocably.

Tache has only two goals in existence: to kill the Gray Lich, and to resurrect Moon in the moment following the Lich’s death. Moon’s corpse floats in the night sky, covering the world of Legs in darkness for approximately one half of each day. Tache follows its path as it hovers above the world, hunting down sentient mortals like animals in order to offer up their deaths to the griseous corpse of her love.

Tache is most often worshiped by evil necromancers. Neutral sorcerers and necromancers and, more recently, gray elf refugees also turn to her worship on occasion as well. In the case of the spellcasters, it is most often her previous aspect as a goddess of Creation and Knowledge that they are most interested in worshipping. In the case of gray elf refugees it is as a figure of protection to children and mercy for the truly wretched that she is worshiped—Tache is well known to have a soft spot for children and those whose misery is as complete as her own.

Tache takes the form of a woman with a beautiful body but vague facial features. She often seems to be composed entirely of moonlight, with her exact figure difficult to surmise in the soft glow—seeming to grow and lose arms and heads and legs with her movements, which are always slow but graceful.

Tache’s favored weapon is the Dagger. Her alignment is Neutral Evil and her symbol is a Setting Moon.

Tache’s portfolio includes The Moon, Magic, Abundance, and Undeath. Her domains are Creation, Evil, Knowledge, and Magic.

Tache, Moon's Love

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