Alternate for Story, Dark Waters Council

“Pretty, i’nnit? Feh! Her worshipers always are. Trust me, Boy, y’hear? Whatever the old men might say—it ain’t wise to go to the council’s chambers.”

Azenari Loiola, Town Guard

This is a placeholder for now. I haven’t made a full story up for Dark Waters.

The basic idea is that Dark Waters will fill the slot left behind by the removal of Llolth: she’ll be a goddess of chaos who lives for the purpose of corruption, enticing whole species into giving themselves up to her and then twisting them into mockeries of what they once stood for, then abandoning them to destroy themselves. She’ll be the patron godling of the Whitelings (replacement for the Drow) and of prostitutes. The Whitelings are off being maniac psycho killers who steal whole towns at a time to have murder orgies and do naughty things to in the deep dark, all the while worshipping her like crazy. The prostitutes are… prostitutes, but they often carry her mark and are twisted and stuffs, living in brothels that are called “council’s chambers.” It’s not a very nice world and, without the protection of a godling, the ladies of the night of the world wouldn’t last particularly long, so it’s natural for them to worship her even if she is evil as heck, since she protects them. Townsfolk will joke about ladies “having a barnacle on [their] neck,” if they mean to imply that they’re loose because that is how the council marks girls who are particularly pleasing to her.

The council’s physical manifestation is that of a species of women with eight long, thorny tentacles for legs, tentacles for hair, skin like a fish’s slimy scales, and pitch black eyes. While she has multiple bodies – hundreds of thousands, possibly millions – all of the bodies are of one mind. Killing one body doesn’t even bother her, and, being what she is, she can reproduce with anything that has a sex (reallllly creepy)and bolster the ranks of her bodies. It’s whispered that she has halfbreed children with minds of their own,at times, but there’s no proof. Many of her most beloved servants begin to mutate into her likeness (or the likeness of other, grotesque things), at times, so that could be the source of those rumors.

Dark Waters Council is Chaotic Evil. She favors the whip, the segmented sword, and the net. Dark Waters Council’s symbol is a Barnacle Above The Clavacle Or Near To The Navel.

Dark Waters Council’s portfolio includes Lust, Corruption, the Ancient, and Stagnation. Her domains are Chaos, Destruction, Healing, Luck, and Travel.

Alternate for Story, Dark Waters Council

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